New UK Online Casino 2017

We welcome you to the comprehensive and informative portal about new UK casinos 2017. On this site, you will see an overview of current online casino providers, information on slot promotions, live casinos and many more great offers, including our casino reviews. We wish you lots of fun and good luck!

As you know not every online casino is the same. You have already been able to make this experience as a player. While Netent Entertainment has dedicated exciting slot games, other vendors are focusing on Microgaming games, and WMS Gaming has their slot machines, video lottery terminals and more. Ultimately, there is something for every taste – from classic table games to new jackpots slots with quite attractive winning opportunities.

To play online casino is supposed to be fun and nothing that can hurt you. New UK Casinos nowadays have a lot of advantages, such as new exclusive offers. We will regularly update you with new slot games, tips and tricks with simple instructions and to get a good overview of it all, come back to this page to get the latest casino news. Further, you will get current bonus promotions from regulated and licensed vendors with new video slots, help with payment methods, free games and software vendors on the Internet, checked by our team.

Our focus is on you, the player. To get a closer acquaintance with these casinos with jackpots and to gain an overview, our guide is the right thing for players. We will show you exciting slot games, interesting classics, and known arcade games for beginners. For you advanced players, we will show you the best characteristics and explain you explicitly the sequence of such game slots. At the same time, you can find real earnings tips, which you can certainly use as a skilled player to get a little more out of your bets.

Where can I find which game?

The game variety is the most important thing on online casinos: everyone has their favorites – whether they are card games, roulette or classic games. The first thing you need to do is to find a casino that you like and trust. Since there are so many games out there to choose from here is an overview of which casino has as many different types of the games available.

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How serious are new online casinos 2017?

Playing in online casinos is becoming increasingly popular. Statistics on the gross gambling income in the online gambling market doesn’t seem to stop. For online casinos, a license is required – but this is rarely given by the local office where the offices of the provider are located. Preferred licensors for casinos are Malta, UK, and Gibraltar. Licensing is granted by international regulatory authorities which issue permits according to the following criteria:

1. References of the operator: Suppliers of casino portals must be able to prove that they have experience with online casinos.

2. Security and fairness of the software: The software must ensure that it has no harmful content or manipulative algorithms. Game results must be random and may not be based on any algorithm that deliberately changes them.

3. Provisions and Procedures for Payouts to Players: It must be proven that players are paid their winnings within a very short time – the faster, the better.

The UK Gambling Commission was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 who regulate commercial gambling in the UK in partnership with licensing authorities. The UK Gambling Commission are the regulators in the gaming industry and have an exclusive right in the UK to give a permit to online casino companies where they also make sure that the gambling is conducted in a fair and open way. The license is also one of the best to have and is characterized by the fact that it is awarded independently, non-politically and transparently.

One of the new most famous online casinos with a license from the UK is “SpinStation.” Page:

Malta is an autonomously governed Mediterranean island, which has lent
fortune licenses since the year 2000. Unique feature: A permit is only valid
for five years. The island is considered as one of the best legal areas on the
web, which is also in the number of gambling companies licensed there.
The new popular “Rizk Casino” has, for example, its license from Malta.

What kind of games can you play at an online casino?

The variety of online casinos is endless, and there are continuous promotions and offers for everyone. For casino lovers, there are the classic casino games like roulette, slots or blackjack. Would you rather play the classic cult games from known games like Immortal Romance or other cult games of Jurrasic Park or Rainbow Riches, one is more than enough. We have looked at some of the most famous and popular casino games a bit more closely:
Slots Online
Slot games are not only very versatile and varied, but they can also reward you with a lot of money. The question is where you should start with the enormous selection you have offered in online casinos for the last several years.

What kind of slot games are good, which are worth it financially, and when does it make sense to play solely for fun? Is there any game that can be played without risk? We would like to clarify all these things in this section. presents:

✓ The best slot games
✓ Play for free
✓ Top & current slots
✓ All slot site online for free

We introduce you to a number of online casino games, which are noticed by some unique features – be it high jackpots, appealing graphics or special functions, which can make the profit odds quite high.

The obligatory casino game called Roulette, which one knows from films and books, is the roulette. The game, which was to be forbidden in France in the 18th century, has established itself as one the favorite games of them all.

The ball is placed on roulette table – you can choose between a number, a color or “even” / “odd.” A metal ball is rolled into a wheel – the number and color on which it ends up wins. It is also relevant whether the number is even or odd.

The most played card game in casinos is still blackjack. In general, the gameplay varies from country to country, but the difference is slim. Even in online casinos, the game is among the most popular – and compare to roulette, it is among the games that spread the most casino feeling.

Advantages of online casinos versus conventional casinos

A visit to a real casino is a unique experience, but at a cost that goes far beyond the cost of the game. So you have to calculate for a visit of this kind of approach, drinks and possibly entrance. Also, the time you have to take (can) to visit a casino – on the lunch break, after the evening with friends or a spontaneous visit is just not possible. Often, you do not want others to know that you want to try casinos. In today’s society, gambling enthusiasts still do not have the best reputation, even though gambling has become established and more accepted in the meantime.

In summary, an online casino offers the following advantages over a conventional casino or game room:

1. Anonymous Playing: The casino is not visible to any third party.

2. Time-independent: An online casino is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

3. Minimum winnings: Online players will not be able to earn minimum winnings, as it is for popular casinos and gambling clubs.

4. Higher profit distribution: The result is an online profit distribution of up to 95%!

6. No maximum winnings: In UK, gaming slots are programmed in such a way that, a maximum of £1000 can be cashed out – online casinos are excluded from this regulation.

Customer service

Not everything is going smoothly – the happier you are when you can reach a customer service that is available at the desired time. Particularly for the UK customers, it is important to be able to contact support in English.

Security when playing

As mentioned above, players are already protected by the licensing of an online casino. To get a license, gambling companies must meet a number of requirements. Also, however, other non-profit organizations also offer extended game protection, which above all aims to prevent game fraud.

➔ FAQs – The 9 most frequently asked questions on

1. How do I register to play?

Every site has its registration procedure and something that has to be filled out. Be sure that all of your information is complete and correct. After you have submitted your registration, you should check your email inbox for the confirmation link. When you have your new account for the new slot site, you can log in and start playing!

2. How do I find a serious online casino?

When you are choosing new UK casino, you should ensure that profit ratios are transparent and visible. Further, bonus requirement, if the online casino has a valid license linked to serious gaming authority, like UK Gambling Commission. The support should not be hidden on the site, but directly and easily accessible, preferably in the English language. It is important to ensure that money transfers are by your requirements and are protected accordingly – we recommend trustworthy casinos with the possibility to pay via PayPal.

3. How does a deposit work?

A deposit can be made in several ways. By Credit or Debit Card like Visa or MasterCard, PayPal. Before you make a deposit be sure to check the fees and limits of the particular casino.

4. Why do I have to verify?

For your own security. Further, to protect your data, it is useful to verify yourself beforehand. Verification also ensures that the operators are not taking part in the dodgy play and that no one will lose the money of another. The most important argument for verification is, however, that you can transfer profits to the account when verification is done!

5. How long does a payout take?
This is usually up to the provider. Serious online casinos pay the money in two to three days. With existing verification, this can also go faster, sometimes in few seconds.

6. What are the pros and cons of online casinos?

  • Advantages:
    Available 24/7
    No waiting time
    Secure transactions / no cash
    Significantly higher profit ratios
    Huge Jackpots
    No dress code
    More game selection
  • Disadvantages:
    Atmosphere is missing
    No dinner/ buffet
    No real players

7. How do you recognise suspicious casinos?

Here you have to be careful; suspicious vendors are quite good in not to attract attention. A serious online casino is recognised primarily by the transparency where all the facts and figures as well as the individual profiles of the users are presented.

8. Do people cheat on online casinos?

No, not normally. If you would like to examine it further, you can check the internet forums or on pages with experienced descriptions of the respective provider. Also, you can trust our new slot sites reviews on this page.

9. Are jackpots always paid out?

In principle yes, even if they are often used as attractions. Although the dream sum of several million pounds is paid out now and then, the probability of profit at this level is quite small. One should play at the casino of their choice and the seriosity of the provider – not the sum of the jackpot – as primary criteria.